Feedback and complaints

HANMAC encourages current and ex students and services and employers that we have worked with to provide feedback as it allows us to know what we are doing right and where we need to make improvements. To provide feedback contact HANMAC's office on (07)47 951461, send us an email through or drop in and speak with a member of HANMACs staff or fill in a feedback form available through the office or from your trainer. HANMAC takes all feedback seriously and where issues are identified, will work on solving the issues as quickly as possible. 

If you want to lodge a formal complaint this can be done:

Complaints must be lodged in writing with HANMACs compliance officer or manager within 14 days of the issue which has led to the formal complaint. You will be issued a letter or return email acknowledging receipt within five working days of HANMAC receiving your complaint. 

Complaints will be handled in accordance with HANMAC’s complaints policy, copies of which are available on request, in a way that affords all parties involved the right to transparency and natural justice. Parties involved in a compliant will be informed out outcomes within 10 working days of  a decision being reached in relation to the complaint.


If you are unhappy with the way that your complaint has been handled you can ask to have the outcomes reviewed. Appeals will be handled in accordance with HANMAC's appeals policy. Parties involved in  the appeal will be informed of outcomes within 10 working days of an appeals decision being reached. If you remain unhappy after the appeals process you may have the right to take the matter to an external agency.